Low Vision Clinical Form

Once booked you can now complete the clinical form of the Low Vision Module. The form has common elements to all other OPERA forms, however, there are some components that are unique to the Low Vision service.

Recording Current Low Vision Aids

You can add current LVA for distance and near vision on the following screen.  You can add as many as required.  Simply press the '+' button to add another, or the 'X' button to remove a LVA that has been entered in error.

Ordering or prescribing new Low Vision Aids

On the following screen you can add new LVA to a written order which can be provided to the patient, emailed, or sent to a provider based on your local protocol.  You can add as many near and distance LVAs as required.

Once completed, a copy of these LVA will be available in the "Written Orders" tab of OPERA document view.  You can also email a copy to yourself if you wish.  You can download and print from the Written Order Section of OPERA.

Refer a patient for Registration from within OPERA

If you would like to refer a patient for Registration this can be done within OPERA.  Simply select the appropriate options and select the preferred provider.  A new URN will be created for the patient a referral undertaken.

Recording an outcome

Following the clinical assessment you can either discharge the patient, or arrange a follow up appointment.  If you discharge the patient you will be asked to record their preferences for reporting PROMS to PES. If you select a follow up, you should complete the appointment details as usual.

Last reviewed: 04/01/2023

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