Help and Support for the OPERA referral system

CUES Introduction Videos

A selection of quick videos introducing you to the basic CUES functions of OPERA

4 articles

Common Issues

A collection of common questions and solutions for users of CUES and OPERA

8 articles


A range of documents that demonstrate the systems regulatory compliance.

2 articles

ERS Provider Types

Descriptions of the provider types in eRs including referral assessment services.

4 articles

Getting Started

From setting up your account, enabling 2FA and logging in for the first time

13 articles

Images and OPERA

All about different files and image formats and how to use with OPERA

1 article

Making a referral

Help to make your first referral using OPERA including image uploading.

12 articles

Onboarding Tasks

A set of tasks to complete before your first live referral.

3 articles

Patient Record Management

Finding, creating and editing patient records including patient data views.

7 articles

Referral Status

Learn about how we keep you informed on the status of your referrals

6 articles

Status of OPERA System

Important information on the status of OPERA including future releases.

3 articles