Help and Support for the OPERA referral system

Main User Help

Additional Documents and Forms

This section contains documents, forms and guidance that you might be referred to

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CES (Community Eye Service)

Community Eye Services - Applicable to Croydon, Lincolnshire & Southend

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Cataract Services

This section provides information on the pre and post cataract modules within OPERA

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Children's Services

All the modules that are currently available for users are described here

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Common Issues

A collection of common questions and solutions for users of CUES and OPERA

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GOS18 / EeRS Referrals

How to undertake a GOS18 referral within OPERA including image uploads

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Glaucoma Monitoring

The OHT & Glaucoma Monitoring Tool including transfer and review forms,

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Glaucoma Referral Filtering (GRR/GERS)

Glaucoma Referral Filtering Services

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Legal Forms and Information

Privacy policy, EULA and other regulatory documents

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Low Vision Service

The clinical module to support the Low Vision Service

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MECS (Minor Eye Conditions)

Information and guidance on using the MECS function within OPERA

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PES Finances

Information on finances, invoices and how to raise queries

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PWLD Service

How to use the PWLD service clinical module in OPERA

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Private Ophthalmology Referrals

Private Ophthalmology Referrals

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OPERA contains a number of profiles - including practice and practitioner profiles.

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Tracking Referrals

Information for hospital users on tracking transferred referrals.

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Triaging Referrals

Information for providers who need to triage referrals including internal referrals.

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Video Consultations

Information on how to conduct a video consultation in OPERA

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These are a collection of screen cast videos demonstrating key functions of OPERA

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A range of documents that demonstrate the systems regulatory compliance.

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CUES (Urgent Eye Care Service)

A selection of quick videos and guides to CUES function in OPERA

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ERS Provider Types

Descriptions of the provider types in eRs including referral assessment services.

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Getting Started

From setting up your account, enabling 2FA and logging in for the first time

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Images and OPERA

All about different files and image formats and how to use with OPERA

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Making a referral

Help to make your first referral using OPERA including image uploading.

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Onboarding / Registration

A set of tasks to complete before your first live patient

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Patient Record Management

Finding, creating and editing patient records including patient data views.

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Referral Status

Learn about how we keep you informed on the status of your referrals

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Status of OPERA System

Important information on the status of OPERA including future releases.

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