Low Vision Follow Up Appointments

You can start a follow up appointment by pressing the yellow tab as usual:

The follow up process is similar to other OPERA elements, but there are a few unique features to Low Vision.

Face to Face or Telephone

You can elect to record your follow up as a Face to Face or telephone follow up.

Please note that the clinical elements entered are different for each type of follow up.


You can use the low vision widget to add additional LVAs if required.  Please note that this will replace the written order for any previous LVAs so please download and keep a copy if you wish.

Referral for Registration in OPERA

As per the clinical assessment, you can also undertake an in OPERA referral for registration - please note that this will create a new URN for the referral - the original URN for the LVA will be linked to this referral to help you track your activity.


You can record either a discharge from service, where you will be asked to complete the PROMS details, or arrange a further follow up visit.

Last reviewed: 04/01/2023

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