Service Entry for Low Vision

The following article explains how to add a new patient to the Low Vision service, including how to schedule an ad hoc follow up for a patient who has been discharged from the service.

Selecting the Low Vision Module

As with all clinical modules in OPERA you should begin from the Patient Management Screen and search, or add, your patient.  See other help sections on how to add a patient to OPERA.

Once you have located your patient, simply select the Low Vision module to get started:

Completing the Form

The service entry form is similar to all service entry forms on OPERA with a number of compulsory fields and also that are optional.  Required fields are indicated with a red star.  There are a few special components to the Low Vision Module which are described below.

Assigning to a practice

If you are a hospital user, or need to assign a patient to another practice you can do this on the provider selection page:

Providers are shown based on travel distance from the patient's home postcode.  If you are sending to an another optical practice, please be sure to contact them first to ensure that they have the capacity to see your patient.  Hospital users do not need to contact practices on the Low Vision Directory of Services.

Adding an ad-hoc follow up

If you have previously discharged a patient but require an ad-hoc follow up; please select the following option:

This will then allow you to re-open an episode of care, which you can select on the final screen where you will see this:

You can simply select the URN you wish to re open and then search for the URN on the Referral Management Screen.

Last reviewed: 04/01/2023

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