Booking a Low Vision Appointment

Once a patient has been entered into the Low Vision service, their appointment can be booked.

Look for the yellow tab with 'Book LV Service'.  As with all OPERA yellow tabs, simply click it to start the booking process.

Record the outcome

You will now see the booking form and transfer referral letter.  Please check that the patient details are correct and that the practice and optometrist details are rendered appropriately.  In the following screen you can choose your required outcome:

You should only discharge a patient if you have followed the local protocol for patient contact.  If you wish to book an appointment you will be asked to enter the appointment details as usual. You can choose to send a copy of the patient appointment letter via email, or SMS text message if you wish.

Patient Appointment Letter

Once you have completed the process, a copy of the patient's appointment letter will be available in the document section of the referral and the tab will update. If you have indicated a failure to contact or engage this will be recorded.

Last reviewed: 04/01/2023

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