Practice Onboarding

The new onboarding process is now ready for use.  The process can be started by accessing the OPERA homepage and clicking the link 'Practice Onboarding'

Things you will need before starting

The onboarding process is divided into full OPERA access, or access for referral only practices. You will need to have the following documents ready before you begin the process:

Type of Practice DSPT NHS Contract Checklist GOS Contract Checklist Identification Documents for Lead Admin
Full OPERA - Commissioned services Yes - PDF Yes - PDF Yes - PDF Yes - UK passport or driving licence - JPG or PNG
Referral only OPERA access Yes - PDF No - PDF No - PDF Yes - UK passport or driving licence - JPG or PNG

When you have your documents ready - you can start.

Starting the process - your practice ODS code

It's important to select the right type of practice, if you are undertaking commissioned services, such as CUES or MECS you will need a full application.  If you are part of the eERS scheme them you can select referral only practice.

OPERA uses your practice ODS code to identify you, your practitioners and your activity.  You can find your ODS code by using this link:

It's important that you use an optical site, rather than an optical headquarters to register.  Once you have entered your ODS code your practice details will be automatically populated.

Complete the details and upload documents

You should now proceed to enter the details as requested, and upload your documents.  For example, on the full onboarding you will see this screen:

You can drag and drop, or locate the files easily using the file browser.  Please ensure that the correct file types are uploaded and that you enter the dates correctly.

Admin Details and ID checks

Once you have completed the practice details, you will need to tell us about the person making the application - you will be provided a lead admin role in the practice. This process is the same as for a person onboarding.  Once you have submitted all your documents and details correctly you can confirm and submit all the information to the onboarding team.

What happens next?

You will receive a series of emails from our email address (please ensure that this is added to your trusted senders to avoid these emails going to junk).  Each email will explain the process and steps required.  The next stage will be the receipt of email to your legal lead (for full practices) or lead admin (for referral only practices) in order to sign either the Data Sharing Agreement or the PES Subcontract. Please be aware that the onboarding process will not continue until these documents have been signed.

Once signed, the application for the admin user will be processed and the documents submitted for checking.  You may need to wait up to 48 hours if manual checks are required.  Once completed you will receive your access credentials for OPERA.

After accessing OPERA as a lead admin

Once you have accessed OPERA you can invite other users, admin or clinical staff to join your practice account.  If they are already users, then they can added immediately to your account, if not they will be invited to take part in the user onboarding process.

If you are a referral only practice, you will be able to begin to refer as soon as your DSPT has been checked.  You can see the status of your practice on the practice profile page:

Further details on the practice profile can be found on the appropriate page, please see related articles.  If you are a full practice admin, you should now select the services you wish to offer and upload any additional documents required.  Again, further information is available on the appropriate page to support your commissioned services application.

Please note: To onboard a practice you will require an ODS number. If your practice does not have as ODS number, you can request one via the NHS England Area Team, please see further guidance on the link below:

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