Practice Onboarding

Getting started with OPERA for the delivery of extended services (such as CUES/MECS/Cataract and glaucoma pathways etc) begins with the PES onboarding process.  To begin to register a practice with PES and OPERA you need to complete an onboarding form which is available from this link (Then select: 'Sign up as a providing practice'). You will need to have to hand:

  • Your NHS Optical DSPT 
  • Your QiO GOS contract checklist
  • Your QiO NHS standard contract checklist [Version = Subcontractor Practice (Primary Eyecare Services Limited)]
  • NOTE that you should also complete the QiO Infection control checklist but a copy is not required to be submitted. 

These need to be in PDF format.  You will also need details of your indemnity and your practice ODS code (Find more info on ODS codes here). 

The Practice Onboarding Application Form

You should see the following screen - with our ODS lookup tool.  If you don't see this you should ensure that you are using Chrome or Firefox at their latest versions.

The form is simple to complete and you simply progress through each section.  Questions with a red *  such as this example, are mandatory and you must complete them in order to submit the form.


You should only upload PDF files and you can either drag and drop these onto the screen or use the regular search function


Should you need support please use the help bubble (that can be found here) to raise a query or email