Inviting a Practitioner to access your Practice Opera account

The following instructions tell you how, once your practice has been approved, you can add optometrists to access your account and provide clinical services if they have the relevant accreditations.  Practices are all registered under their ODS code, and practitioners under their GOC code - so make sure you know their GOC code and email address before starting.

If the GOC number is already registered with us, then the user will have instant access to the account, if not, they will need to undertake the onboarding process for practitioners.

Adding a new user to my practice account

In order to add a new clinician to your account - access the Invite a user tool here:

Once you have accessed the tool you will see the following, simply add the GOC number of the clinician you wish to add:

In this case, you will see that the user is already registered and hence they can be added immediately to your account.  They will receive an email informing them that they can now provide services under your contract:

Existing users

If the user does not have an OPERA account , you will see this screen.  Simply add their email address and then click "Confirm Add".  Once you have done this the user will receive an email inviting them to take part in the onboarding process.  Once they are approved by PES they will have access to provide services through your contract.

New user

You can repeat this process for as many clinicians as you wish.


Should you need support please use the help bubble (that can be found here) to raise a query or email 

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