Practice Profiles

This article explains how to view, check and update your practice profile. The practice profile contains all the documents you would have uploaded as part of onboarding and allows you to update and submit new documents as well as indicate which services you wish to provide.

You can access your profile using this menu option here.  If you do not have a profile showing, and you have been approved for more than 24 hours, please raise a support request using the blue bubble.  In your request please state your ODS code.

Viewing the Profile

This is an example of how a profile will look when you view it:

There are several components and functions to the profile.  You will see your practice basic details at the top of the screen.  It will default to showing Practice details, if you select the practitioner's tab you will see the individuals with access to your account:

You will also see the service offering list:

The blue tick means that you wish to provide the service, if the service is unticked then your practice will not be on the directory of services for the named pathway and your admins and GOC users will not be able to access those forms.

Updating your profile

Currently, you cannot update your demographic details in the profile viewer - if you need to do this - please contact support.  If you need to add, update or change any of your certificates, this can easily be done.  Please note that your documents must be in PDF format - you can use Adobe's easy conversion system to turn any document type into a PDF.  You can find details here.

You can upload new versions of your contract checklists and DSPT here:

You will need to select the document type for uploading and, if required, enter the date.  If a date is not required, the date box will be greyed out, as above.  You can then simply press 'Submit' and your document will be sent to the admin team for approval.  You will see the screen refresh and the appropriate document icon turn to a yellow tick.  

Viewing your documents

You can view all of your documents by clicking on the view icon. The document will be shown on the left-hand side of the screen. If your document does not display properly you can upload a new version using the method above.

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