Undertaking a referral

This guide provides information on how to undertake a GOS 18 referral within OPERA as part of the Electronic Eye Care Referral Service (EeRS) or supporting triage services commissioned via PES.  This function is only available to patients from areas listed here. If you are new to OPERA you should also study the video on adding a patient to OPERA (see related articles).

The following video shows the basic process of referring a patient.  You should also look at the articles on provider choice and image upload. You can increase the size of the video using the full-screen option.

Other useful resources on using the referral functionality can be found in the Opera Help library: 

More information can be found here or using the dedicated EeRS e-Learning Tool here


Should you need support please use the help bubble (that can be found here) to raise a query or email hello@referral.support