Feedback on referrals

Feedback is provided by Hospitals and other providers via a number of different routes but will always be displayed to you in the following ways.


Feedback messages can be found on your practice clinical dashboard.  They will appear like this:Urgent updates will have a red tab, while routine will have a yellow tab.  The full message recevied from the provider will be shown.  Once you have actioned or noted the information simply press the "eye" icon to mark as read.  You can see how many unread message are waiting for you on the practice summary and also on the unread message header on the left hand side of the screen.

In the application

We also update the feedback to you via the manage referrals screen.  For example, the following is an example of the same urgent message as shown above in the referral management screen.

By email

We will also send an email to you to let you know of a referral update.  If you have an NHS NET email, this will contain the full message, if you do not then the email will simply recommend that you login to see the message.
You can manage who these emails are sent to via your practice profile, using the email preference option.  We can send to all optometrists registered at your practice, or just to the referring optomertrist and the named clinical lead.
You can read more about email preferences on the following page:
Last updated: May 2022
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