Changing Email Preferences

You can change your practice emails and email preferences from within OPERA.  Please note that this does not change any users login details, which will remain the email address that they on-boarded with.

In order to change your email preferences, select your practice profile page and you should see this section in the top right of your profile view:

Changing details

Simply press on Practice Updates to see the options that are available to you, and then select 'Email Preferences'.  You should now see this screen:

In order to change an email, or the name of the lead contact for your practice, simply press 'Update' and enter the new details:

and then press the Done button. Once you have finished - press Confirm Changes.  You can then check that your details have been updated.

Information on email address uses

Clinical Lead - Key Point of contact for any clinical queries or escalations. They will receive referral feedback for all optometrists in the practice and be responsible for ensuring feedback is actioned. This may require them to share feedback with other clinical staff / locums in the practice for action.

Lead Contact - This will be the main point of contact between Primary Eyecare and the practice. This may be a practice manager, dispensing optician, or optometrist. They will receive all practice communications.

Remittance Email - This is the email address that will be used for remittance advice and finance queries

Changing Preferences

You may wish to change who receives emails regarding the referral notifications.  You can simply select "All" for all registered users to receive updates, or "Only clinical lead'.  The clinical lead and the clinician who has undertaken the referral will be the only email recipients.

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