Guidance for practices when selling the practice and terminating the subcontract with Primary Eyecare Services.

Guidance for practices when selling the practice and terminating the subcontract with Primary Eyecare Services.

Step 1:  Notify Primary Eyecare Services providing at least 6 months written notice of their intentions.

The current subcontractor must adhere to the termination clause (section 7.5) of the Practice Subcontract with Primary Eyecare Services, “The Subcontractor may bring the Agreement to an end at any time by issuing the Co-ordinating Provider (PES) with not less than6 months’ written notice to that effect”).  Therefore, the Subcontractor is obligated to inform Primary Eyecare Services in writing about their intentions regarding their current subcontract and the services they provide.

  • If you are an optician and you require a change to existing details i.e. change of ownership or a new site code for General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) contract, please contact the NHS Business Service Authority via
  • Guidance for Practice ODS codes if required, can be found on the NHS Digital website Link  HERE

Step 2:  Complete the Change of Ownership Form and return to

The Current Subcontractor holder is responsible for completing and collaborating with the prospective new practice owners to collectively fill out the Change of Ownership Form available HERE. Once both parties have completed and signed the form, please return it to

Step 3: PES Team will acknowledge the practice intentions and process the change.

The PES Team will process the change in accordance with the details submitted on the Change of Ownership form and confirm if they require any further information from both parties involved.

Next Steps for the New Practice Owner– Onboard the Practice with New ODS Code

  • Ensure you have all compliance documents ready and complete them on the Quality in Optometry (QiO) website. You'll need the GOS Contract, NHS Contract, and DSPT, which should align with the new name and/or ODS code.
  • You can onboard the practice on OPERA by following this guidance Practice Onboarding
  • Once all compliance documents have been approved and existing users listed on the request form the team will transfer all clinical data from the old ODS code to the new ODS account and confirm via email when the process has been completed.
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