Delete an episode of care

Sometimes you may wish to delete an episode of care, for example, if there is an error or if it is a duplicate.

Please consider if editing the outcome of the form might be better than starting again?  You can find out how to change the outcome of a form here.

Please note that once an episode of care has been deleted - it cannot be restored.  Note that the OPERA record represents a medico-legal record of care and hence deletions should only take place if they cannot be rectified or are made in error and only be carried out by clinician users.

Find the episode you want to delete and click on the 'dustbin' image on the RHS of the page, highlighted in the below image by the red box:

Once you have clicked on the 'dustbin' image the following box will appear where you will need to indicate the reason for the deletion and enter your GOC number verifying yourself as the clinician responsible for deleting the episode of care:

You can either Delete Episode, or press cancel.