Editing the outcome of a form

There are times you may wish to alter the status of a CUES episode - for example:

You may have selected the wrong outcome, you may have already referred to hospital outside of the system, or maybe the patient failed to attend?

The new edit system allows you to:

  • Complete an episode of care
  • Change the outcome - for example reopen a closed case for a followup or onwards referral
  • Close a case that is open

Please note that you cannot, for medico-legal reasons, edit a submitted form, but can you reset the referral and repeat a form if you wish.  Please enter appropriate comments in the free text box to explain if you are doing this.

Editing a record

Simply find the CUES episode you wish to edit, and click on the row, you will see a slide out appear:

Click on the green "Update Episode" button to edit a record.  Once this is done you will see your care data and a form, ensure you are editing the correct form, and then press next - you will see this screen:

Select close and complete to discharge the patient from care, including referrals to HES outside of OPERA, DNA etc.  Select change status to update a referral for further use, or ad hoc follow up to add a follow up appointment to a previously closed episode.  In this example we have selected to change the status of the referral:

Choose the appropriate selection, add some explanatory text and press submit.

You episode of care will update in a few moments.  You can change the status of a referral as many times as you wish.

Review Date: 04/01/2023

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