Type of Accounts Available on OPERA

Types of OPERA accounts


Practices who want to process referrals using EeRS will need to have a referral only account. 

To establish a referral-only account, the practice must onboard as referral only practice, input their ODS Code and submit a their DSPT form for review. As part of this procedure, they will receive a Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) for electronic signature. 

Providing Enhanced Services 

For practices who want to provide enhanced services such as CUES, MECS, Glaucoma Monitoring etc, they will need to onboard as a Full OPERA Access account. As part of this process the practice must have signed a contract with Primary Eyecare Services and provide their bank details. 

The practice must upload completed and up to date copies of:

  • DPST 
  • NHS Contract
  • GOS Contract

Practices must maintain these documents; they can view and update via the practice profile page on OPERA system updating them when required. 

Upgrading from Referral Only to Full OPERA Access

If you currently use the OPERA account for processing referrals but wish to provide enhanced services, you must upgrade to a Full OPERA Access account. This requires signing a contract with Primary Eyecare Services and providing bank details for payment processing.

If you’re interested in starting this process, please email hello@referral.support to provide the necessary details and request copies of the forms to be sent to your practice. 

Private Practices and ODS codes

It is necessary to have an ODS code to set up an OPERA account. If your organisation does not have an ODS code, you will need to obtain one before proceeding with registering. 

If your private practice has obtained an ODS code, then you can set up an account for the practice on OPERA. In this case a Data Sharing Agreement will need to be signed and a DSPT form completed and uploaded.

If you are a Private Optician without/not applying for a General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) contract, please complete this form and add that you are ‘Private optician without/not applying for GOS contract’ to question 10 under other.

Please note this form is used to request an Organisation Code. The form must be completed by the organisation requiring the code, not a third party.

Link to Organisation Code Request Form HERE, complete and submit an Organisation code request form to exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net  

ODS code information and Guidance for practices

If you are an optician and you require a new site code or a change to existing details for General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) contract, please contact the NHS Business Service Authority via pao-cm@nhsbsa.nhs.uk

Guidance Link to NHS Digital for more information on requesting ODS codes HERE

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