Managing DNA/FTE/WNB and Closing Episodes

This article provides information on how to manage patients that Do Not Attend (DNA) / Fail To Engage (FTE) or Were Not Brought (WNB) across services within OPERA. In order to simplify the process for users, this function has been consolidated into a single approach for all service types.  

Should you have an episode of care that needs managing in this way you will need to either navigate to the episode on the 'Manage Referrals' (Referral Management) page or access the episode which may be on your Clinical Dashboard.

When accessing through the 'Manage Referrals' (Referral Management) screen you will need to select the 'Empty Chair' icon on the right hand side of the relevant episode: - 

If the episode is available on the Clinical Dashboard, you will select the 'Mark as Complete' icon:

Following selection of the relevant icon you will be presented with a window to complete the details around the reason for closing the episode or marking the episode as DNA / FTE / WNB (please see below for appropriate use of the DNA vs FTE vs WNB options):

Following confirmation, the episode will be closed as per the relevant action and, where appropriate, a letter sent to the patient's GP with the reason for closure and any comments provided. If the episode was transferred from a hospital provider (e.g. Post Cataract) the episode will be transferred back to their OPERA view so that they are notified of the outcome.

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