Suggested Baseline Dataset to be provided from Hospital

For mandatory dataset please refer to local protocol, a recommended dataset to provide may include:

- Last Visual Acuities - Central Corneal Thickness (CCT) - Current Ocular Medications - General Health Conditions
- Presenting IOP (and date) - Van Herrick or Gonioscopy grading (and date) - Previous Treatment (e.g. Non-tolerance, ineffective, SLT, PI, surgery) - General Medications
- Peak IOP (including date and whether this was treated or untreated) - Visual Fields plots - Ocular Co-pathology - Vasospastic factors (Reynaulds, Migaine)
- Last IOP (and time) - Disc image or OCT - Disc description / C:D ratio - Severe Kidney Disease / Dialysis
- Target IOP - Vasculopathic Factors (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, TIA/ CVA) - Family Ocular History (inc family history of glaucoma) - Allergies
- Patient Access (e.g. Learning Disabilities, Hearing Difficulties, Language) - Occupational and Social Details - Driving Status - Smoking Status
- Alcohol Intake - Asthma / COPD
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