OPERA - My Services - checking, adding and removing services

The 'My Services' function in OPERA is now live and can be used to check which services a practice is currently providing. In addition, practices can request to add and remove services. Please use the guidance below to navigate your way through this new function.

1. Checking the services your practice delivers

For the purpose of checking service provision, a practice can access the 'My Services' page, by selecting this option under the 'General tab'

Once you have accessed your 'My services' page you will see a list of service on the left with either a red cross or green tick next to them.

The services you are currently listed as providing will have a green tick, and those you aren't will have a red cross. 

2. Requesting to add or remove services

  1. Log into OPERA
  2. On the 'General' tab select 'My Services' (Please note some fields have been blocked out on the image below for security purposes)
  3. As you can see in the image above, the 'My Services' page displays all the services that a practice can deliver (if eligible), as well the services that they currently deliver, alongside a list of practitioners linked to their practice who can deliver each service.
  4. You will note there are symbols next to each service on the left hand side menu - this indicates if the practice currently delivers the service or not and is colour coded as follows:. 
  • Green tick - The practice currently delivers the service
  • Amber tick - The practice has requested to deliver the service and this is pending approval
  • Red cross - The practice does not deliver this service

   5. The practice can select the service from this list by highlighting it and then choosing the option on the right of the window N.B. a practice will only be able to request to add a service if they have an accredited practitioner on OPERA (please see instructions below for how to upload accreditations to practitioner profiles)

6. The practice will then see a message appear on the screen asking them to confirm that they do indeed have a practitioner registered at their practice with the required accreditation to deliver the service.

7. This will then generate a request to PES to review the application in the workflow, and PES can then confirm or decline the request.

8. The practice will be notified if the service request has been accepted or declined in the 'Clinical Dashboard' view, and they will note that the service availability icon ion the 'My Services page' will change from 'amber' to green: 'accepted and delivering' or red: 'declined - unable to deliver'. 

9. Withdrawing from a service 

  1. The same method applies when a practices wishes to withdraw from a service, they simply select the service from which they wish to withdraw, from the service list on the left hand side of the 'My Services' page and they will see a 'Request to withdraw' option instead of the 'Request to deliver' option. 
  2. The practice should select this option and a pop up will appear asking for confirmation of their wish to cease delivering the service .
  3. The request will then be sent to the PES team to acknowledge.

4. The practice can view the acknowledgement from PES regarding their request to withdraw in the clinical dashboard (in the same way that they can with requests to deliver) and will see the icon next to the service name change from green/amber to red. 

N.B. If requesting to withdraw from a service that your practice is currently delivering, please contact hello@referral.support to ensure that patients are managed safely and the appropriate notice period can be served.

3. Uploading an accreditation to your practitioner profile

The practitioner profile contains all the documents that practitioners have uploaded as part of onboarding and allows them to update and submit new documents.

Practitioners can access their profile using the menu option shown here.  If they do not have a profile showing, and they have been approved for more than 24 hours, please raise a support request using the blue bubble.  In the request please state the practitioner's GOC number and the email address that they use to log in.  Please note that admin users do not have a profile.

Viewing the Profile

This is an example of how a profile will look when Practitioner views it:

There are several components and functions to the profile.  Practitioners will see their basic demographic details at the top of the page, followed by the mandatory safeguarding documents.  Please note the expiry times.  Practitioners will not need to re-upload a DBS certificate (if you have registered with the Update service) - we will use the automatic check system to update your DBS status every three months.

There are three types of icon on the profile:

The green tick means that the practitioner has uploaded a document and it has been approved and, if related to a service, they may deliver that service.  A red exclamation mark means that there is no certificate present.  A yellow tick indicates that the practitioner has recently uploaded a certificate which is now waiting for approval.  Uploaded certificates are checked by the PES admin team. If they are approved, you will see them go green, or if rejected you will see a red cross.  Practitioners can view the comments section to see what actions they are required to undertake to get the certificate approved.

4. Updating the Practitioner profile

Currently, practitioners cannot update your demographic details in the profile viewer - if you need to do this - please contact support.  

Practitioners can add, update or change any of your certificates, easily.  Please note that your documents must be in PDF format - you can use Adobe's easy conversion system to turn any document type into a PDF.  You can find details here.

You then simply click on the 'Document upload' icon.

The practitioner will need to select the document type for uploading and, if required, enter the date.  If a date is not required, the date box will be greyed out, as above.  The Practitioner can then simply press 'Submit' and their document will be sent to the admin team for approval.  The Practitioner will see the screen refresh and the appropriate document icon turn to a yellow tick.  

Support / Queries 

Should you need general OPERA support please use the help bubble to raise a query or email hello@referral.support. When raising queries, please provide your practice name and ODS code to enable us to help you.    

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