Remove a user from optical practice

You may from time to time need to remove a users access to your optical practice OPERA account. To enable this to be managed by the practice, you can do this from the Practice Profile.

If you navigate to the Practice Profile from the General menu and then select the Practitioner tab on the profile view, this will then display all users that have access to your account.

To complete the removal of a user please select the below icon adjacent to the user that you would like to remove, you only need to press this once and following a short check on the users status you will be provided with the confirmation that this has been actioned or whether this could not be actioned as per the below criteria:

It is not possible for a user to be able to:

  • delete themselves 
  • delete the last Practice Admin user 
  • delete the last Clinical User

For further support please contact the Support team at

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