Authenticating in the form

If you are using the OPERA integration function in your practice PMS there may be occasions when you are asked to authenticate to view additional materials from the NHS PDS search for your patient. PDS is the Patient Demographic Service.  Information we may need to share is:

  • Confirmation of a patient's details so that we can store their NHS number which is required for eRS hospital submission
  • Confirmation of a patient's GP or information that they do not have a GP
  • Enables us to show you more detailed and accurate Directory of Service information for your patient
  • Ensures that we have the correct patient in OPERA and that our data are accurate

If this is the case you will see this message on your form when it is launched from your PMS:

If you dont want to authenticate - you can simply accept the default position and continue with the form.  Please note that due to the NHS PDS search results, you will need to login to OPERA to complete your referral, so if you can it makes sense to authenticate here.  Once you have done this - your authorisation will be valid for the next 8 hours, or up till 8.PM which ever is sooner.

Providing Authentication

You can simply select the method you wish to authenticate by - these will be the same options as you see when you login into OPERA; we will choose email for this demonstration. Simply select email, and then press submit.  You will then see this screen:

You will receive an email like this - simply enter the number into the PIN box:

The same procedure should be followed if you receive your PIN by voice, text or if you are using your authenticator application. You will now see all the necessary details from the PDS search, including GP details and any updated address.

Already authenticated

If you undertake another referral from the PMS launch, you will see this screen when the form is launched:

The system recognises your GOC number and does not require you to login again to see any additional PDS information that may be available.  OTP authentication should take less than 30 seconds, and will avoid the need to login again where there is a PDS look up that we need to share with you.

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