Bulk Upload Post Cataract Patients

OPERA enables you to bulk upload and assign your post cataract patients to practices for assessment.  In order to use this function you must use either:

  • A CSV file produced from MediSoft/Openeyes design for the OPERA upload procedure
  • A CSV file that conforms to the template below and have undergone testing procedures prior to use

CSV Template

In order to use the bulk upload your CSV file must be formatted correctly and adhere to the schema shown in this sample file: Download.

Your file must contain accurate NHS numbers for patients (mandatory field) and also the practice name and ODS code separated by a pipe (mandatory field).  Initial validation checks will determine if the both of these are present, and if the ODS code relates to a practice that is live within OPERA.  If either of the mandatory fields fail the initial check then the system will report an error and the upload will fail.

Process to Upload

Once you have your prepared CSV file, you should login to OPERA and ensure that you have been issued a hospital user login.  Once in OPERA you should select the General menu and from here you should be able to see the Bulk Upload function.  Select this. Once selected the bulk upload function will present like this:

You should then drag and drop your CSV file to the box on the left hand side, and, if successful the screen will now show the following:

You should now press the Submit Bulk Patients button to upload the file and begin the validation process.


There are two validation errors, NHS Number and ODS Code.  An NHS Number error means that the NHS Number supplied has not passed a validation check and hence is incorrect.  An ODS error indicates that the practice ODS code is either incorrect or is not a practice live with OPERA.  You should contact OPERA staff if you believe that a practice should be accessible.  The system will indicate the row number where the error has occurred, and the type of error:
In this example the upload has failed because there is an NHS Number error on row 2, and ODS errors on rows 6, 16 and 46.  Please note that if an error occurs at initial validation none of the records will be imported.  You must correct the errors or remove the rows and try again.

Successful Upload

A successful upload will present with the following dialogue box, indicating that the file has been uploaded and the number of patient records that have been sent.

You should check your post cataract workflow to ensure that these patients have been recorded and assigned.  Please see our other help pages on managing worklists for more details.

Screencast Demonstration

The following is a simple demonstration of a successful upload:

Help and Support

If you experience any issues with the upload process, or, following a successful upload you do not see the patients appear on your Post Cataract wait list, then please contact support for assistance.

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