Triage - Viewing images in PACS

Viewing images in PACS

Please note that the black and white 'P' indicates that images have been upload to our PACS system.  You can view these images in our PACS system while undertaking your triage.

Reviewing the referral and image uploads

If you wish to view the images in PACS - please click the "View images in PACS" button which will be present if a PACS session is available.

Here you can see a copy of the referral, and also the images and PDF that were uploaded.  Clicking on "View images in PACS" will show you the images and PDF uploaded onto the PACS system which is accessed by the hospital.  If this was an eRS referral - you will also be able to see a copy of the confirmation letter and download any copies you may wish to keep on a local system.

Further information on viewing PACS, using the ULITE system can be found in the guide here: Ulite-User's-Guide.pdf

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