Clinical Form

Once a booking has been completed the next stage is to complete the clinical form:

Please note that the form can be accessed multiple times - there is no need to complete this in one session.  If you are returning to the form you will that an additional visit number has been added.  

Please note that if a different clinician is completing subsequent visits then they should change their GOC number and name on the form.

Recording a DNA

You can record a DNA (following an agreed local protocol) on the next page as shown above.

Clinical Data

The remainder of the form is typical of all OPERA forms where there is a requirement to complete clinical fields.  Please note that none of the fields are mandatory, but all questions contribute to the final document produced for the patient.

Sending the Results of My Eye Test

OPERA automatically compiles the results of the eye test into an easy to read and understand PDF that has been designed in collaboration with SeeAbility.  The form will be available for you to download at the end of the submission process in the "Written Orders" section - or you can also choose to email it:


At the end of form you are given the opportunity to send an SMS or email to both the patient and or carer to complete.  We would encourage you to do this as it will enable us to report these important data back to the commissioners and develop the service further.