Service Entry

As with all OPERA modules, your patient will need to be in the OPERA database, or you will need to add the patient using the NHS PDS lookup.  Please see other help pages for information.  Once you have found your patient you can select the appropriate module:

Once selected the service entry form will open. The form is a standard OPERA service entry form with mandatory questions indicated with a red star.  There are some service specific elements.

File Upload

You can upload any files in PDF format to attach to the clinical documents if you wish using the Browse Files Option.

Allocate to practice or other provider

You can allocate the patient to either your own practice, or another practice using the internal referral mechanism within OPERA:

If you are allocating to another practice, please contact them before sending the referral.

Sending the Telling the Optometrist About Me Document

OPERA will produce a pre filled copy of this document that should be given to the patient.  You can email it to them or their carer directly, or send it to your own email address to print and give to the patient.  A copy of the document will also be available in the Written Orders section of the referral documents.

Once you have completed the transfer you will see the new record (if allocated to your practice) in the Referral Management Screen: