Important Glaucoma Monitoring Service Guidance

Glaucoma Monitoring Services

There are two main pathways hosted on the Glaucoma Monitoring Service with Primary Eyecare Services on Opera, those with community optometrist review and those with hospital review or PES virtual review. Dependent on the type of service in your area, the outcomes selected will be different. This guide explains how to complete a glaucoma episode on Opera.

Glaucoma monitoring service (community optometrist review)

Current Glaucoma Monitoring Service (community optometrist review) are Cheshire (OHM service), Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Durham & Darlington, Norfolk & Waveney, Morecambe Bay, Staffordshire, Lincolnshire & Hampshire.

Within this service patients are discharged into the care of their chosen accredited Optical practice for assessment and management of their condition. Outcomes for patients within this type of service include continue within community monitoring, discharged from the service, or referred back to the hospital. As these patients have been discharged to the service, they require a referral back to the hospital eye service if a change in clinical status is noted for further management. 

It is important that the guidance below is followed for the correct procedure to refer patients back.

Glaucoma monitoring service (hospital review)

Current glaucoma monitoring services (hospital review or PES virtual review), are Southend FT***, East Suffolk & Essex FT***, West Hampshire CCG, Manchester (PEGS)**.

Glaucoma monitoring service (PES virtual review)

Current glaucoma monitoring services (PES virtual review), are Mid Cheshire (Leighton Hospital)

Within this service patients have their care transferred into a shared care services with hospital clinical oversight or a PES glaucoma practitioner via virtual review. The clinical decision making for this patient group sits outside the Optical practice with the clinical decision at the optical practice only indicating the urgency of the clinical assessment by the hospital/PES reviewer.

How to complete the clinical assessment on Opera?

Once you have entered the clinical assessment data for the episode on Opera, you will come to the below outcome menu:

Glaucoma monitoring service (community optometrist review)

To enable you to provide the final outcome for the episode, you need to select “assign to self-review”. Patients submitted to any of the other endpoints on the list are sent to an unmonitored hospital Opera account.

Glaucoma monitoring service (hospital review or PES virtual review)

You should select the most appropriate option below:

  • Submit for routine review
  • Submit for urgent review
  • Emergency referral required
  • Submit unable to assess report
  • Assign to other PES review (Cheshire only)

The hospital/PES clinician will pick these referrals up in their hospital Opera module.

**In Manchester PEGS, if there is no clinical change for a patient, you should select “Assign to self-review” and follow completing the outcome of review guidance below.

***For Southend FT, East Suffolk & Essex FT patients with no clinical change, please choose “submit for routine review”.

Select the "Emergency referral required" option for emergency referrals made for either service and then refer via the red tab, making sure you also follow local emergency protocol.

How to complete the outcome of review of assessment for the Glaucoma monitoring services (community optometrist review) & Manchester PEGS?

If you have selected "Assign to self-review" on either of the services, you must complete the episode. Search the patient, and you will see the following:

Click on the Glaucoma Review yellow tab and you can complete the episode.

Make a routine or urgent referral for patients in the community optometrist review service on this menu. Once an urgent or routine referral option is chosen, you will choose a hospital from the list to make the referral to.

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