Clinical Dashboard

We have introduced a new clinical dashboard to enable you to easily see activity that requires your attention. We will be adding additional features to the dashboard over time to enable you to manage your clinical workflows more easily and to ensure that you are always aware of where and when referrals need to be actioned.

The dashboard will be the first screen that you see when you login to OPERA and we recommend that you review it frequently.  Episodes of care that have not been closed do not attract payment so its important to close any older or historic activity.

You can return to the usual referral management screen at any time by selecting Manage Referrals from the General Menu.

The dashboard

This is designed to enable you to view, on one screen, episodes that require your attention.

Using the dashboard

The dashboard will be presented when you login and will show all the activity for the practice ODS code that you are logged in.  If you have no outstanding elements then the screen will show '0' next to each element.

You can action referrals, bookings and clinical activity directly from the screen.  You can also return to the main referrals screen via the menu:

Dashboard Elements

a - The practice name that you are currently logged in on

b - The email address of the clinical lead for the practice

c - The number of red tab referrals requiring your attention

d - Mark a referral as Complete

e - Undertake a referral

f - Number of referrals requiring a booking (for example post cat or glaucoma)

g - Controls for booking a referral

h - Number of referrals requiring an action

Completing Referral Tabs

For referrals there are two options available:

If you need to refer the patient you can do so by clicking 'Refer to HES' and you will be taken to the usual referral screen. However, if you have referred outside of OPERA, or if the referral is no longer required, then you can click the 'Mark as Complete' button.  This will show the following screen:

You can select the reason for clearing the referral and it will be removed from your list.

Completing other actions and bookings

You should use the yellow tabs as usual to indicate the status of a booking or reject this back to the referring organisation if required.

For actions such as CUES you should close these episodes using the edit feature in the main referral management screen if they are no longer required.