Post Vision Screening Service

The Post Vision Screening service module is now live and can be accessed via the following routes; either a screening service will allocate a patient to you (via a choice letter option) or you may have a patient attending with a screening letter.

For the latter please enter the details using the following module on OPERA having first registered the patient:

The Post Vision Screening module will open and you can complete the details based on the provided letter.  Once you completed the screening details you should assign the referral to your practice for booking:

Once submitted, you will see the referral in your referral management workflow like this:

Simply select the yellow tab to proceed with the booking.  You can search for any bookings that may have been sent you using the Referral Status search option.

Once booked you will see the following:

Completing the clinical forms

There are two main clinical forms. the PVS assessment form and then the review form - which can provide reviews at 6 and 18 weeks if required.  Your yellow tab will automatically update as you progress through the stages of the assessment.  Outcome options are clearly described at the end of each form and you can view the documents at any time using the blue doc icon to the right of the screen.

For example, this patient is now booked for their first review:

At any stage a referral can be made to HES - this will use the red tab option - please note that children's services at HES may be under Ophthalmology or Children's & Adolescent Services on the DOS - please check for both if you don't find your preferred provider. Details of the outcomes of the assessments are shared back with the commissioning CCG.

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