Tracking community glaucoma referrals

This article explains how you can track your post operative cataract referrals, and how to view referrals once completed, or if rejected.

In order to view your referrals access the following menu:

You will now see a list of your referrals with their current status and the optical practice who is handling them. Your screen will look something like that shown below. You can search for a patients by their status, for example, completed, their surname or NHS number.

View data & Medisoft / OpenEyes Integration

You can view the current document status via the document icon on the right hand side. If you have arranged for data to be sent from OPERA to either your OpenEyes or Medisoft system you will see something similar to this:

Viewing completed community episodes for review

You can locate these referrals based on their status within the tracker, or you can view them directly in the referral management screen:

You can download the materials, or press the yellow tab to commence entering data for the review.

Email notifications of referrals ready for assessment

As part of an additional clinical safety piece you will receive a simple email notification like that below.  By default these notifications are sent to all registered users at the hospital site, please contact us if  you wish to change the notification status of any user.  You may also elect to receive a summary email once per week to your failsafe officer or other nominated user. Please contact us for more information.