Tracking post operative cataract referrals

This article explains how you can track your post operative cataract referrals, and how to view referrals once completed, or if rejected.

In order to view your referrals access the following menu:

You will now see a list of your referrals with their current status and the optical practice who is handling them. Your screen will look something like that shown below. You can search for a patients by their status, for example, completed, their surname or NHS number.

Getting the results of a completed assessment

You can quickly locate completed assessments by searching for the patient on the workflow and then downloading the referral outcome by pressing the blue icon on the right hand side of the screen.  This produces a PDF that you can store in your local system. The file can also be downloaded as a ZIP archive if you prefer.

Results sent to OpenEyes or MediSoft

If you have an appropriate licence for either of these EPR systems, and have provided a patient PIN or ID number, you will see the following in the status section of the referral.  Please note that these data have been sent electronically and a confirmation message has been received.  Note that you can still download a full PDF if required.

Referrals rejected back from a optical site

These referrals will appear with an appropriate status in your worklist, and will also be visible on your referral management screen; which you can access from this menu:

Once here you will see your rejected referrals on the worklist, which you can order by URN or patient factors. Again you can press the blue documents item to see more information on the rejection.

Managing Rejected Referrals

Having received the rejected referral and reviewed the reason for rejection as above you will need to:

- resolve the reason for rejection (e.g. get correct contact information for patient / find additional surgical information) and re-do the transfer to patient's preferred primary care provider

- if reason for referral can not be resolved then manage the patient within your normal standard operating procedure.

Additional Clinical Safety Measures

In addition to the worklist and referral management screen you will also receive an email notification if a referral is rejected.  The email is sent to all registered hospital users at the site.  An example of an email is as follows.  If you wish to switch off email notifications, please use the help system to raise a ticket.

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