Onboarding to make General Referrals ONLY

The following describes the process for practices  not otherwise contracting with PES for extended services  to onboard to use OPERA for general ophthalmology referrals. Please note if you intend to offer extended services via PES under a subcontract you should not complete this process as your registration is different

This facility is currently applicable for General Referrals (Routine, urgent and emergency) in the following CCG areas: 

  • NHS Bolton CCG 
  • NHS Bury CCG
  • NHS Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale CCG
  • NHS Oldham CCG 
  • NHS Manchester CCG 
  • NHS Salford CCG 
  • NHS Stockport CCG 
  • NHS Tameside and Glossop CCG 
  • NHS Trafford CCG 
  • NHS Wigan CCG
  • NHS East Lancashire CCG 
  • NHS Blackburn with Darwen CCG
  • NHS Central London (Westminster) CCG
  • NHS South West London CCG - Merton / Wandsworth / Croydon 

And is applicable to the following CCG areas for  WET AMD Referrals ONLY:

  • NHS Surrey Heath CCG - WET AMD Referrals only 
  • NHS North East Hampshire and Farenham CCG - WET AMD Referrals Only 
  • NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG - Guilford & Waverley ICP for WET AMD Referrals ONLY 
  • NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG - Surrey Downs ICP for WET AMD Referrals ONLY 

Get your materials ready

You will need your ODS code and an NHS Optical DSPT (Data Secuirty and Protection Toolkit) compliance confirmation in PDF format.  

1. You can download and save the PDF from the QiO submission by clicking on 'PDF Report' after having completed all the questions.   


2. You can access you’re the submission on the NHS DSPT Organisation search here. You simply enter your ODS code from previous step and you should see this screen:

Simply click on your organisation name, to see the following screen:

You can now print this page as a PDF in most browsers.  If you are unable to so do, create an image of the screen and then covert to PDF using the following link

If you have completed the DSPT in QiO but the submission does not appear on the NHS DSPT Organisational search this maybe due to a slight lag in time between their systems for updating. In this case please use the first method and submit a PDF download of your QiO DSPT Report as evidence.  

Your DSPT confirmation must be in PDF format. You are now ready to complete the application.

Access the application for practices

You can find the application form here. Once accessed you should see this screen:

You will need to enter your practice ODS code into the lookup form, and please ensure that you press lookup once entered.  Applications will not be accepted without this. Complete the rest of the form and submit.  Please take a note of your application number.

Next stages

Once you have completed this stage, and your details have been confirmed, we will send you information on how to add practitioners to your account.


Should you need support please either go to app.optom-referrals.org and use the help bubble to raise a query or email hello@referral.support