PES Practice Invoices and Reconciliation Reports on Opera

This article provides information on the invoices and reconciliation data that is available on Opera for your practice. 

We are continuously improving and developing this as we streamline the financial process to ensure greater visibility and more timely payments so please check this page regularly. 


Your practice invoice for the previous month will be available to view in the second week of each month. Simply look under Accounting and Invoices (For April 2021 invoices onwards). You can view and download the invoices to your local system. We have, following feedback, added additional information to help you reconcile payments - this information can be found under Accounting and Reconciliation - see further information further along in this help guide. 

When you select 'Invoices' - all your invoices for the activity carried out through Opera will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. There will usually be one invoice per NHS Commissioner per month (for one or two areas invoices will be broken down by service). 

An example of what this looks like can be seen below: 

Information in the Invoice list provides various elements of information: 

  • Date: Date the invoice was generated 
  • Description: The month and commissioner that invoice relates to
  • Amount Due: Total invoice value 
  • Amount Paid: This will be populated with a figure when you have been paid. This should match the amount due in the vast majority of cases except where there has been a removal of an episode for one reason or another - i.e. duplicate patient episode. 
  • Status: This will say Draft until PES marks it authorised. The status will change to PAID when that invoice has been paid to the practice. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Account number and Bank account name we are using will be noted under account details. If this is not where payments should be made then please contact us via the Help function/Blue Bubble or email us at 

PLEASE NOTE: Older PES Opera invoices and information can be found under legacy with reconciliation data for these invoices found on pages 2 onwards of the invoice.  

PLEASE NOTE: Older Optomanager invoices should have been downloaded off OptoManager before that system access was switched off as per previous guidance. 


Your practice invoice reconciliation information is available on Opera. Simply look under Accounting and Invoices and select Reconciliation. You should select the Year, Month and CCG/Commissioner you are looking for the information relating to. 

You can download the reconciliation report to your local system by selecting the Downloads button.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently the reconciliation data is grouped by CCG. So if your activity is commissioned via a Hospital directly this would appear in the respective CCG the patient is from. Work is underway to further refine this reconciliation to make this clearer and easier for practices.   

Raising issues with your invoices

All queries should be raised via the blue bubble on Opera or emailing We expect there will be very few of these. Where adjustments are required these will be made to your next month's invoices for that commissioner.  

Please provide your practice name, ODS code, and OPR numbers for episodes that you need assistance with.

Missing Revenue across the platform

There are £1000s of missing fees on the system as episodes have not been closed. You must close an episode in order for it to be charged. You can use the following to do this if you have an open episode - click here. This is the most common reason for missing episodes on practice invoices identified by practices. If you need help with closing an episode, please contact us via the help system.

Please remember that episodes should be completed and closed on Opera ideally same day of patient interaction (as a minimum for those being referred) but within 2 working days as a minimum. This is important for patient safety, communications with GP, contractual requirements, etc. - including invoicing and payment!      


Should you need general finance support please use the help bubble to raise a query or email 

When raising queries via this method please include your practice name, ODS code, and area you are based in to enable us to identify which practice the query relates to.