PES Practice Finance Reports and Invoices

This article provides information on the financial reports and invoices that are available on Opera.


Your practice invoice for the previous month will be available to view in the first week of each month after the 2nd working day of the month.  Simply look under documents. You can view and download the invoices to your local system. We have, following feedback, added additional information to help you reconcile payments - including the patient's name.


You may notice on invoices a small number of fees that may have been missing from earlier statements. These will be highlighted on the reconciliation page of the invoice so that they can be clearly seen, also also highlighted at the top of the page.

Raising issues with your invoices

All finance queries should be raised and will be adjusted on your next invoice. We expect that there will be few of these.

All queries should be raised via the blue bubble on Opera or emailing  Please provide your practice name, ODS code and OPR numbers for episodes that you need assistance with.

Missing Revenue across the platform

There are £1000s of missing fees on the system as episodes have not been closed. This is the most common reason for missing episodes on practice invoices identified by practices. You must close an episode in order for it to be charged.You can use the following to do this if you have an open episode - click here. If you need help with closing an episode, please contact us via the help system.

Please remember that episodes should be completed and closed on Opera ideally same day of patient interaction (as a minimum for those being referred) but within 2 working days as a minimum. This is important for patient safety, communications with GP, contractual requirements etc. - including invoicing and payment!      


Should you need general finance support please use the help bubble to raise a query or email 

When raising queries via this method please include your practice name, ODS code and area you are based in to enable us to identify which practice the query relates to.