Undertaking a Glaucoma Community Assessment

The following guide helps you to complete a glaucoma community assessment following either a hospital transfer, or a review of a previously submitted assessment.

You should see the following on your dashboard:

You should review the documents and images (if present) prior to your assessment.  Simply press the yellow tab to get started.

Review page

This page will present the transfer document, any previous assessments and comments from the reviewer.  You will be able to confirm patient details on the right hand side and then progress to complete the assessment. There are a range of screens to complete - each should be self explanatory. If an examination is not possible, simple indicate NPL or enter this into the free text box.  Mandatory fields are highlighted with a red star.

Upload and submit page

The final page before submission is the upload page.  Here you can select images to add to the patient's record.  These images will be available for the assessor to examine during the review of your findings.  You should also enter the outcome for the assessment here. Once completed simply press Submit and your community review is completed.

This is an example of the images uploaded from a community review visible in the PACS system:

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