Create a Glaucoma Patient Transfer

This help article describes how to transfer a patient from a hospital (or third party provider) to the community monitoring service provided by PES. Before starting this process you should make sure that the patient you wish to transfer has a record in the PES system.  To learn how to do this see the related articles link at the end of this guide.  

Video demonstrations

There are two videos, the first shows the process for uploading patient data from a PDF, such as a discharge report, and the second manually entering the clinical data.  Please note that the second video does not contain details on patient identification etc and so both should be watched to fully understand the transfer process.  You can make the videos full screen for easier viewing.

Uploading clinical baseline information by PDF
Uploading clinical baseline manually

Example of produced report

The following link provides an example transfer report produced in OPERA when data have been added manually.  Please note that disc images are not shown in this example.

Click here to view

Written instructions

Please also ensure that you are using either Chrome or Firefox as your browser, and know the location on your computer or network of the required upload documents.

Once your patient is in the system, you can locate them using general demographics and you should see a screen similar to this:

Select the patient you wish to transfer by pressing the appropriate service icon, simply hover over the icons to select the correct one:

Completing patient demographic details

Once you have selected the Glaucoma module you will see the following information that is collected from the patient record.  Please note that anything with a red * is a mandatory field and must be completed in order to submit the transfer.

Please check the details, adjust if necessary and ensure that valid patient contact number is placed.  If a mobile number is used we can send confirmation and appointment information to the patient by text message subject to their consent.

Once completed, click next.

Completing initial baseline information (with baseline upload)

The next page allows you to enter the main elements of the transfer.  You should complete your own name, and add a MediSoft or OpenEyes reference number if your hospital supports these systems and has the required community portals in place. The recall interval and risk should be entered as well as the target date for the review.  A past date cannot be entered.

You must select if you are going to manually enter the clinical data or upload a letter or similar template.  If you select upload, the file must be in PDF format and it will make the upload a required field.  Files can be uploaded from your local computer or network using the Choose File buttons. Please ensure that the correct patient file is uploaded.  Large files may take sometime to upload depending on your network.  Consent questions are present and the patient must have been informed that their data will be shared with PES for the purposes of this care pathway.  Once completed, press next.

If you selected to upload the clinical data - please move to the Submission and Outcome section.

Entering clinical data manually

If you did not upload a file you will be required to enter clinical information in the following screen.  Please check entries carefully against the patient's clinical notes.  If an examination was not conducted, or was not possible simple enter NP in the free text boxes, or select NPL from the drop down lists. Once completed press next to complete and submit the entry.

Submitting the transfer form

At any point during the submission you can use the "Back" and "Next" buttons to check or correct any entries. 

On this final page, please indicate if the patient has a preferred optometry practice (simply start typing to see options) and otherwise leave blank.  Irrespective of choice the submission will be sent to the PES Referral Hub for allocation in the first instance and patient preference will be offered whenever possible.  Please use the free text box only for additional comments and do not add clinical information here.  For example, you may wish to describe transport needs or appointment time preference.

Once complete - press Submit. It is at this stage that files are uploaded to our system, and hence if there are large files you may experience a delay.  Once successful you will see the following screen.  Please note the submission ID number provided at this stage in the patient's records should it be required in the future.

The transfer has now been completed.

Last reviewed: 05/01/2023

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