QIO Tutorial - Optical DSPT Checklist

This tutorial helps explain the NHS Optical DSPT checklist process, a document that is required for the onboarding process.

You can complete your NHS Optical DSPT via the Quality in Optometry (QiO) site or direct on the NHS Digital DSPT site.

You can make the video full screen for easier viewing.

Once you have completed your Optical DSPT through QiO you can provide evidence for submission on Opera in one of two ways. 

1. You can download and save the PDF from the QiO submission by clicking on 'PDF Report' after having completed all the questions.   


2. You can access you’re the submission on the NHS DSPT Organisation search here. You simply enter your ODS code from previous step and you should see this screen:

Simply click on your organisation name, to see the following screen:

You can now print this page as a PDF in most browsers.  If you are unable to so do, create an image of the screen and then covert to PDF using the following link

If you have completed the DSPT in QiO but the submission does not appear on the NHS DSPT Organisational search this maybe due to a slight lag in time between their systems for updating. In this case please use the first method and submit a PDF download of your QiO DSPT Report as evidence.  

Your DSPT confirmation must be in PDF format. You are now ready to complete the application.

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