Uploading images

OPERA enables you to upload images of various types to your referrals, be they to HES or other OPERA providers.  This process occurs during the referral process once the red referral tab has been clicked.  

Once images are uploaded they are sent to our PACS platform that enables them to be viewed in hospital systems as well as shared widely across the various providers in England.

In this example we have included OCT images (see file types below) a PDF and various image formats.  In order to proceed, for each image you need to indicate when it was taken using the calendar function, and also which eye it represents - if any.

File Types

The system takes a wide variety file types:

  • JPEG or JPG
  • DCM or DICOM images (commonly exported from OCT machines)
  • MP4 - video files from slit lamps and similar
  • WMV - a video format that can be used to present OCT files
  • PDF - for visual fields, or letters or other documents
  • BMP - standard Windows image format
  • TIFF or TIF files - larger image types

If there is a file type that you use that is not included, please let us know.