Onboarding as a Practitioner for OPERA

You may have received an email asking you to complete the onboarding process for OPERA.  This page is to explain the process and what is required and why.

Importantly you will need, if you have them, the following document in PDF format only.  There are a range of tools online that will enable you to convert any document to PDF; Adobe provide this service at the following link.

  • DBS Certificate
  • Safeguarding Certificates Level 2 for both adults and children
  • Copies of certificates and qualifications, for example WOPEC

It's a good idea to get these documents together before you access the onboarding form.

Completing the form

The form is designed to capture all the information we need, and you should access this using a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox.  Please do not use Internet Explorer as this will not work. Simply start by entering your GOC number into the form and the rest of your details will be populated:

Once completed, progress through the form, uploading documents by simply dropping them onto the upload boxes.  You can also you use a search function by pressing the upload

After submission

Once you have completed the form you will receive a confirmation email from our NHS NET address, please do not respond as the inbox is not monitored, use our help system if you need to contact us about your application.  Please quote your application number, something like PES0001234. We will take a few days to assess your application and we may ask for further details, we will email you if this is the case.

This email will look like the practice registration approval email with login details for Opera or an amend/edit applicationrequest email. Practitioners should read these emails in ful and follow the instructions to the letter.  


Should you need support please use the help bubble (that can be found here) to raise a query or email hello@referral.support