Create an administrator role

You may wish to create additional logins for your front of house or administrative staff.

These roles are known in the system as admins.  The role allows:

a) You can login and select a practice to work at if you work at more than one
b) Search for and add new patients
c) Start and complete a CUES screening process

Admin roles cannot view any referrals, clinical details including SCR or change any aspects of the care episodes.

Creating a new admin role

This must be done by a GOC clinician who is logged in at one of the practices the administrator will work at.  I.e. you need to ensure the ODS code shown in the top right is the one you wish to allocate the role to.

You should select the administrator menu - please note that your menu may look difference to this, and options may have slightly different names depending on your OPERA installation.

Select the create admin role and the complete the form that is presented:

Once you have checked your details, simply press the "Add approved administrator" and, if the details have been entered correctly, the user will receive an email with the details of the next steps for account creation. 


Should you need support please use the help bubble (that can be found here) to raise a query or email 

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