Resetting your password

You should change your password:

a) After your first login details from us (attempt login first before changing)
b) Every 2 months
c) If requested by us at any time


Please note for security reasons you can only request a password reset once per hour, if you are unable to proceed, please wait and then try again.


First head to the Opera reset page (here) or by clicking Reset It from the main login page; you will need to make sure that you have access to the email address that you use to login.  If you no longer have access to this email - please contact support immediately so that your account can disabled.

You will see this screen:

Simply type in your email address and hit continue. You will now see this screen, and please check your email, including junk or spam folders, for the email message containing your code. Please note that if you have 2FA Mobile Security switched on you will need to add the code from your mobile as well as email.  If you don't have this switched on then you will only need the email code.

You will get an email  with a code.  Please now enter your new password twice, and then the code from the email and, if required, via text message and select 'Update Password"

For purposes of security you may only request one password reset per hour.

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