Current Status of OPERA

This page provides information on the current status of the OPERA application is frequently updated.  If you are experiencing issues with any aspect of the application please check here for status updates before contacting support.

You might also wish to look at the upcoming deployments that will let you know what enhancements and improvements are planned, and when they will be released.

Status Updates

Function Status Information Updates
Main Application 🟢
Online All main systems are working normally
Written Orders 🟡 Currently written order are taking up to 5 minutes to produce and emailing and fax options are disabled We expect full functionality to be released for Written Orders by Monday 1st June
Referrals to HES 🟢 Online No issues reported with NHS eRS systems currently
Remote Prescribers 🔴 This functionality is not currently available Updates will be posted here
Historical data entry 🔴 This functionality is currently being developed We expect to release this functionality by the 5th June - see new features.

If you notice any element of the system that is not working as expected - please raise a help ticket with us by using the in application help

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