Video Consultations for Patients

You can now book and undertake video consultations, for example for CUES Telemed, directly within OPERA.  You can also have a copy of the patient's Summary Care Record visible during this session to help with urgent care for patients on referral.

We will be working on directly integrating this solution into CUES and MECS shortly.  For now, you can book a telemed appointment using the process below.  We have worked with Whereby to provide this facility which is fully NHS Digital approved and has been used in over 200 million NHS remote encounters.  The system is simple to use for patients and there is no need to download any applications or additional resources to use on either a mobile phone, iOS device or desktop.  

You should make sure you are familiar with the NHS guidelines for undertaking remote assessments - you can find more information on the Related Articles Section at the end of this help page.

Booking a video consultation

In order to book a consultation head to the patient management screen, find your patient and select the VCB option:

This will then present the usual OPERA demographic page and allow you to confirm details, before entering the particulars of the video session:

Date and time

You simply select the date and time of the consultation from the dropdown, in this case we will book for Saturday 5th June at 12.30 in the afternoon.

All that is left to do is to then confirm if the patient consents to have their Summary Care Record Viewable (please see SCR viewing help pages for more information on this and ensure that you understand the governance and clinical implications of viewing an SCR) and to indicate how the patient will receive notification of their booking - either by email or text message. A reminder is sent to the patient around 15 minutes before their appointment.

Once you have completed this section the patient will be sent an invitation and a new episode of care will be produced in OPERA:

This will indicate the time of the video consultation and who the appointment is booked with.  To access the video system simply click the Video Consultation box and you will see the system initiate.  Follow on the screen instructions and when finished simply close the episode as with any other OPERA module. 

The episode will automatically close and turn green 90 minutes after the start time of the video consultation and therefore there is no need for you to take any further action.