Cataract Health Questionnaire

The health questionnaire is sent to either:

a) The patient via email
b) The patient via text message
c) A family member using either of the above
d) A practice email to complete

If your patient has not completed the health questionnaire, has lost their link, or requires in practice help; you can do the following.

Completing a HQ

Please ensure that you know the reference number of the episode of care you wish to assign the health questionnaire data too. For example in this case, our PES number will be OPR00103770.  Note that the first character is an 'O' rather than the number '0':

Once you have the reference number please visit this link.  

You will then be able to complete your HQ - enter the reference number as shown below, complete the questionnaire and press ' Submit'.  Within 90 seconds the data should have updated your episode and you can continue with your clinical assessment.