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Further instructions for Cache refresh can be found at this helpful website:

New User Access and Profile Changes

We are undertaking a major upgrade to the system that will:

  • Provide a new user database system
  • Provide new options for your One Time Password
  • Enable in application DBS check updates
  • Provide further enhancements to the practice profile
  • Provide new admin functions to manage your account by our team

This will require us to take OPERA offline on Sunday 27th March from 08.00 to 20.00. We realise that many users undertake clinical work on Sunday, and we apologise for the inconvenience.

As part of the new process you will be allocated a new password. This will be sent in an email on Sunday 27th March and you should use this for your next login, after which time you can use the password reset feature to change this to a more memorable password.

Please ensure that you use the new password to login or your account maybe locked

Many of you will be using a SMS text message to login securely, you now have the option of using email or receiving a voice call.

No matter which you select, you must use a One Time Password (OTP) to access OPERA, ensuring that patient, and your own data, is kept as secure as possible.

Once you have logged in using a OTP you will not be asked again for a further six hours.

Please take the time to read this help article on how to login:

You can change your allocated password, as well as updating your telephone number if you wish from within OPERA. See the link below for details:


As part of the Update process, you will need to update the Opera version by clicking update or restarting your browser., it may be possible you will need to clear the cache on your browser so that previous settings are not stored and used; preventing you from access. In Google Chrome this can be done by following the guidance here:

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we undertake this important upgrade. Our help team will be available on Monday morning should you have any concerns.

You will need to use this new system, plus your new password, from Monday 28th March.