Latest News, Features and Maintenance Updates

Practitioner Profiles are now Live

You can now view and edit your practitioner profile within OPERA.

Please see the following help article:

You can find your profile here:

New invoices available and reconciliation views.

Please read the following important help article: 

Which explains the new invoice system and how to raise queries. Please raise any finance queries via support and we will deal with this as soon as possible.  We are grateful for your patience while we have worked on the finance system.

Please also see the note below - you can only claim fees when episodes have been completed.

Completing onward referrals.

Please ensure that if you have any of the below red tabs that ensure the episode is completed, the referral has not been sent if the red tab is still present. This is important whether the referral is to hospital, GP or to another CUES optical practice. 

If sending a patient to another CUES Optical Practice this ensures that the patient appears in their workflow for them to complete the next steps of the patients care.

Learn more about completing a referral here.

If you find pending episodes but you have completed the referral outside of the Opera platform (or you know the patient has attended the other optical practice) then please mark the episode as complete by following the instructions here.